eRÁDIO 1 ǀ Creative docudrama
DIRECTOR: Benjamin Tuček
ASSUMED LENGTH: 70 – 80 min

The movie, using a working title Radio 1, will be a combination of fiction and documentary sequences with an atmosphere close to a film by Richard Curtis, Boat That Rocked 2007, and possibly close to the image of a film by Michael Winterbotton, 24 Hour Party People, 2002.

It takes the form of an incredible story of the first independent radio station in Czechoslovakia, which keeps broadcasting up to this day. The main characters are authentic founders, as well as technicians, engineers and presenters and especially musicians, who try to dig up their memories and stories hidden beneath a layer of merciful oblivion and sentimental sediment, from times which shaped Czech cultural scene. Yes, Radio 1 might never have crossed the line of 100,000 listeners. Yet, you could find only a very few people in today’s generation of forty-something who never heard of Radio 1. The radio has never been bound by the Hit Parade rules and was absolutely open to musical genres and its listeners. Even though the main characters already shook off their relentless youth memories growing up as the last generation living in the communism, the beginning of 90's never got out of their minds. After all, the director and producer of the film used to be members of the Prague music scene and formed a personal bond with most of the DJ’s.
The film targets European audience and international audience. We will not only present personal stories of Czech "indie scene", but reveal the mental transformation of people, who were able to work for free for six years, in order to fight with their own convenience in the preparation of the annual broadcast a few years later. We learn that while some people smuggled hundreds of CD from London to build an archive, others just blatantly stole them for their own use.

It will uncover the transformation of a generation, which moved from originally true defiance of political establishment in 1989 to the adoption of market values followed by fatigue and burnout to today's ignorance.

Yet, Radio 1 never conformed. It never adhered to listeners’ dictate; you can still listen to brand new releases not even available in the UK. We want to capture an image of a pioneering entrepreneur and introduce it to international audience. Music will definitely have a significant role - songs of world best-known bands as well as long forgotten local hits. "There are many radio stations, but only one RADIO!"